Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy in Cape Town

Physical Therapists utilise this technique to aid an athlete’s recovery from intense exercise. This can also be viewed as a treatment option when performing clinical rehabilitation, but it’s not only for professional athletes. Sports Physiotherapy can be beneficial for competitors, coaches, physical therapists, and weekend joggers alike. Often confused with deep tissue massage, sports massage has branched out with its own interchangeable techniques. Sports Massage Therapy focuses on areas that are overused and stressed from repetitive and sometimes aggressive movements.

The massage techniques used, target and focus on treating minor and chronic injuries through a wide range of techniques. Massage Techniques such as active and passive stretching to help realign and loosen muscle fibres. Manual manipulation of the soft tissue of the body also helps the muscles around joints to relax. This increases the range of motion to decrease injury potential and enhance training.

The physiological and psychological benefits of massage make it an ideal complement to a total conditioning program. Sports massage has since become an integral part of any athletic regiment. A workout routine is not complete without caring for the wear-and-tear and minor injuries that naturally occur with strenuous movement

The Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Shorten recovery time

The primary goal of recovery massage is to reduce the amount of recovery time required by the athlete. Unwanted products such as lactic and carbonic acid build up muscles after exercise. A sports massage circulates these muscles and assists to eliminate toxic debris and shorten recovery time.

Improved circulation

This can be seen as the most valuable fitness-related benefit. The Sports Message is followed by an increase interchange of substances between the blood and tissue cells. This, in essence, increases tissue metabolism.

Prevents Over Training

A Sports Massage has a relaxing effect on the muscles, as well as a sedative effect on your bodies nervous system. This can prevent the over-training syndrome, which has a limiting effect on muscle building.

Prevents and Heals Injuries

Sports Massage Therapy stretches connective tissue and improves circulation which assists in the break down of adhesions. The Sports Massage also influences the excretion of certain fluids needed to speed up the tissue repair process.

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