John de Klerk

Written by Emanuel | 27/11/2023

Meet John de Klerk, aka Johno, a dynamic physiotherapist with a BSc in Physiotherapy from UCT. Certified in Advanced Neuromuscular Skeletal Management (2018) and specializing in men’s pelvic physio, Johno is renowned for his orthopedic and sports rehabilitation expertise. With a background in rural and private hospitals, he served as a professional physio for rugby teams like Swd Eagles, EP Kings, and Pumas Rugby Union.

Johno, currently awaiting approval for a Master’s degree, is dedicated to researching contemporary issues in men’s pelvic health dysfunction in South Africa. Beyond his professional pursuits, he’s an avid learner, engaging in Judo and trail running, embodying a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. His life motto, “Keep going, never give up,” resonates with his resilient and optimistic approach.