Wimpie van der Meijden

Written by willem van der Meijden | 04/05/2016

Wimpie graduated as a physiotherapist from the University of Pretoria. He worked at various private physiotherapy practices in Bloemfontein before becoming the dedicated locum physiotherapist for the Free State Cheetahs rugby union.

Continuing with his passion for sports rehabilitation he combined forces with BoundFit (a high intensity interval training and functional fitness gym). WP Physios Milnerton caters for all sport related injuries as well as the correction of muscle imbalances causing such injuries.

In 2016 WP Physiotherapists Tokai opened its doors to the public, catering for the physio needs of Tokai and the surrounding southern suburbs.

WP Physiotherapists Tokai  also sees hospital patients at the Melomed Tokai private hospital