WP Physiotherapists Lockdown Statement

Written by willem van der Meijden | March 27 2020

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We are open for EMERGENCY cases only, by appointment only!

In accordance with the NICD (National Institute for Communicable Diseases), the Department of Health and the South African Society of Physiotherapy we have decided to ONLY SEE PHYSIOTHERAPY EMERGENCY CASES in our patient practices whilst in national lockdown.

Corona Virus

What is seen as an emergency case?

All patients that fall into the following criteria will and should be seen as cases of emergency:

  1. When a patient is not treated he/she can develop :

• Serious impairment to bodily functions

• Serious dysfunction of a bodily organ or part

• Reduced functional ability due to severe pain

2) If you are not seen by a physiotherapist you could:

• Place your life in jeopardy

• Increase length of your hospital stay

• Prolong the expected rate of recovery

All patients will be assessed telephonically by a physiotherapist before treatment is booked. We will screen you for possible Covid-19 contact/exposure to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of the virus. It is our duty to treat you as effectively as possible whilst minimizing contact as far as possible. If you are assessed as having a low risk of developing a disability or complication, you will only be booked for an appointment after the 16th of April or when the lockdown has been completed.

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If you are not seen as an emergency patient: 

We are more than willing to have a quick chat regarding your injury and give home advice.

For our old patients, we will send you a link to our exercise app- PhysiApp, with the needed exercises, advice and stretches at no additional charge during the lockdown. 

If you are a new patient needing treatment, were are available for video-chat for an assessment, self-treatment guidance as well as the PhysiApp exercises program with exercises specifically tailored to your treatment. A charge will apply for this assessment and treatment.

If you are seen as an emergency patient: 

Strict transmission-based precautions will be followed.

  • Both physiotherapist and patient/guardian will wash their hands (for 20seconds) before and after treatment
  • Only the patient will be allowed to enter the practice. If the patient is underage, a single guardian can accompany them. 
  • The treatment room will be sterilized before and after each consultation. 
  • Patients are requested to bring their own towels and pillows for treatments. 
  • An appointment letter will be emailed to you to ensure you are allowed to travel to the practice during the lockdown.

Billing Enquiries:

All billing enquiries can be emailed to  . We have also forwarded our main telephone number (021) 712-5712 to Nichole Connolly (Practice secretary) who will be working from home and will be able to address telephonic queries, although this service may be interrupted from time to time.

We request that all South Africans please comply with the guidelines of the national lockdown. Together we can beat this infection!  

Stay Safe!

Stay Home!

Your Physio-Team.

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